Grace and Peace, I’m Larry J. Morris III

I’m an apostle, digital marketer, scholar, and spiritual director based in Chicago, IL. I help individuals and organizations, like you, realize your extraordinary purpose. 

“A jack of all trades is a master of none,
but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

After years of doing a lot-a-bit of everything in the nonprofit, religious, and social justice sectors, I decided to start my own company, where I can focus on the clients I want to work with. Also, the entrepreneur in me was ready to reach out and “do the work my soul must have” – word to Dr. Katie Cannon. My soul work is using my gifts, knowledge, and creativity to support you in realizing your extraordinary purpose. 

Each person and organization has a unique offering to give to the world. You have something extraordinary to offer the world, in fact, you are an extraordinary offering to the world, and I want to support you as you bear witness. 

Take a look around the site. If you think I can help you realize your extraordinary purpose let’s explore the possibility – contact me and sign up for my newsletter (I will not spam you).

Realize Your Extraordinary Purpose ™

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